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Activities of the S&T Wing

The S&T wing of the Indian Embassy at Moscow is involved in:

  1. Assessment and evaluation of S&T strengths in Russia;
  2. Promotion of interaction and building partnership of Indian scientific agencies and R&D personnel with their counterparts in Russia on themes of mutual interest and benefi
  3. Facilitating formulation and signing of bilateral and multilateral S&T agreements/arrangements;
  4. Promotion of bilateral, regional and multi-lateral cooperation in S&T through specific Programs of Cooperation (POC).
  5. Establishment of Bi-national / multinational S&T centers and implementation of major R&D programs.
  6. Assist in developing Joint R&D projects/centers
  7. Provide necessary input for organizing Joint Workshops/symposia/seminars
  8. Coordinating Exploratory visits and Project related Exchange visits of Scientists
  9. Facilitating exchange of S&T information and documentation
  10. Facilitating access to Major Research and Infrastructural facilities
  11. Facilitating fellowships/Short duration training programs
  12. Encouraging others forms of cooperation as agreed mutually.


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