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A walk through India's history

For those who wish to take a walk through India's history, the journey would begin in Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh. Close to the capital city of Bhopal, are a series of primitive rock shelters. Huddled within a radius of a few kilometres, the shelters have paintings that give a marvellous view of the life of man, right from pre- historic times. Подробнее: A walk through India's history


The Westerner coming to India who seeks contact with the arts will find that they are not all equally accessible to him on first acquaintance. The least accessible one will probably be India’s classical music, which will not surrender many of its pleasures to the unguided Westerner ear. Подробнее: Music


The Department of Culture in the Ministry of Human Resource Development plays a vital role in the preservation, promotion and dissemination of art and culture. The aim of the Department is to develop ways and means by which the basic cultural and aesthetic values and perceptions remain active and dynamic among the people. Подробнее: Art



Feature films are being produced in India since 1912-13. While R.G. Torney along with N.G. Chitre made Pundalin in 1912, Dhundiraj Govind Phalke (1870-1914) produced Raja Harishchandra in 1913. The era of silent films was overtaken by the talkie era in 1931 when Ardeshir Irani (1886-1969) produced Alam Ara, tthough silent movies continued to be produced till 1934. India leads the world in the annual output of feature films.

Подробнее: Cinema

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