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Promotion Scheme for packaged teas of Indian origin

The scheme is proposed to be implemented in April, 2010 and will be reviewed after two years (March 2012). In case of a favourable response and a significant achievement, the scheme could be continued.

I.   Scheme Details

To help Indian exporters, to market teas of Indian origin in overseas markets on a sustained basis, Tea Board proposes a promotion scheme. Since the scheme is intended to promote teas of Indian origin, it is mandatory for companies wanting to avail of the scheme, to be marketing Indian teas in packets carrying the Indian tea logo or any of the speciality logos after complying with requirements for logo usage. The scheme covers all Indian companies/exporters marketing Indian brand teas in packets less than 1 kg.  The brand should be owned by the exporter.   Exporters desiring to avail of the scheme would be required to draw up a one year action plan with corresponding projected exports and submit application to Tea Board.

The scheme would be applicable for the following categories:-

1. Showrooms
Companies desiring to set up showrooms or retail outlets, outside India for retail sale of value added teas may receive 25% of the lease / rental charges. Maximum reimbursable limit under this head would be Rs. 10 lakhs per annum.

2. Promotional campaign
For intensive publicity campaigns for launching Indian branded products or for promoting branded products, upto 25% of the cost could be considered for reimbursement subject  to a ceiling of Rs.50 lakhs per annum, per market. Components eligible under “Promotional Campaign” would be (a) media (both print and electronic), (b) hoarding, (c) Bus / Tram panels, (d) P-O-P materials and (e) promotional literature. Tea samples or Trade discounts,if given, may not be included in this scheme. P.R. for the campaign would not be eligible. It is desirable that, wherever possible, Tea Board representative (i.e., Director, Tea Promotion) is associated during all stages of the promotion campaign.

3. Displays in International Departmental Stores + In-store Demonstration
For promoting value added tea products, tie up with local distributors and major stores is permissible. Level of assistance would be 60% of display and shelf rental cost subject to a ceiling of Rs.25 lakhs per annum per market.

4. Product Literature, Website Development
For production of product literature, development of website, etc. for fairs/events, assistance to be provided would be 25 percent of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs.50 Lakhs per annum per market.

5.  Inspection Charges
Inspection charges, incurred prior to shipment of packaged teas carrying Board’s logos (adhering to logo usage norms), would be reimbursed. A maximum of 25% costs of such inspection charges would be reimbursable.

II. Eligibility

1. All Indian registered exporters exporting value added tea would be eligible.
2. All registered exporters exporting for the past 3 years and holding valid exporters license and submitting regular monthly export returns to Tea Board
3. All registered Associations of tea producers and exporters are eligible to apply for assistance for promotion of Indian tea brands owned by their.


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