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Advisory for Indian nationals visiting Russia for FIFA 2018

1. Indian nationals are advised to be very vigilant about keeping their passports on person with them throughout their stay in Russia. With high security arrangements in place, the identity related documents may be checked at any time and asked for from a foreigner.

In case of loss of damage of a passport, FAN ID will allow entrance into the stadium alongwith the ticket, however it may not entail free transportation. However, in case of loss of Passport and FAN ID, the spectator may not be allowed entrance into the stadium also. Hence, in case of loss of passport, the Indian national may approach the nearest police stations, register the complaint, collect a certificate/acknowledgement (talon) and approach the Indian Mission (EoI, Moscow or CGI, St. Petersburg) for issue for fresh travel document (Emergency Certificate).

2. Please check the integrity (damage, if any) and validity (period) of the passports and all its pages/cover before you embark on your great journey to Russia for FIFA World Cup.

3. In case of receipt of electronic FAN ID, please exchange the FAN ID with laminated FAN ID after arrival in Russia at the nearest FAN ID distribution centres.

4. The Indian visitors may be vigilant of their personal belongings especially passport, migration slip and registration slip to avoid any inconvenience.

5. All Indian are advised to register online with the Indian Embassy, Moscow to facilitate prompt consular services.

6. In case of exigencies and emergencies, the Indian citizens may contact the Control Room of EoI, Moscow at the Emergency Nos. at the hyperlink: or email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transportation to host cities (Inter-city)


The spectators at the sport events are allowed to travel to the host cities by the additional trains upon presentation of the following documents: a match ticket, an identity document (the same one that was used to obtain the FAN ID), and the FAN ID. 

You can reserve your ticket and obtain more detailed information about free transport services during the 2018 FIFA World Cup:

(Limited number of tickets available)


Transportation in the host cities (intra-city)

1. A FAN ID entitles its holder to free travel in the host cities on match days on specific routes with unlimited rides and upto 4 hours after the match is over. 

2. The spectators can benefit from free transport services on the match days in the host city in urban public transport (except on the routes of the sports events).

3. Specially designated shuttles will be provided from airports or railway stations to the venues (stadiums) on match days.  Details will be available on the following link: or call transport directorate 2018 hotline numbers: +7(495)741-18-18


FAN-ID for children


Children must obtain their own FAN IDs. 

A legal representative of a child (the father, the mother or a representative appointed by a child protection body) can submit an application for a child under the age of 14 years, sign his or her consent for the processing of the child’s personal data, and obtain a FAN ID.



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